Billing Service for Specialist Doctors & Surgeons

Iatriki Billing provides inpatient medical billing services throughout Australia. We offer a wide range of services and we are dedicated to processing all accounts within 7 days upon receiving them (where possible). This way, we can deliver to you, the satisfying inpatient medical billing service you expect from our doctors, practitioners, specialist, and surgeons.

We provide the following services:

  • Receipting and invoicing of private accounts
  • Batch or bulk billing Service for Specialists for Medicare
  • Veteran affairs, Workcover direct billing a TAC
  • Direct billing to Private Health Fund
  • Banking of payments
  • Following up on Outstanding Accounts
  • Monthly Financial Reports
  • DVA & Eclipse and HIC for faster payment
  • Telephone inquiries

With our billing services for specialists, your staff can now avoid wasting time and effort in processing medical accounts as well as chasing bad debts. Such services are dedicated in order to help you save money or at least lose them because of bad billing. Our trusted professionals will work on your bills and they will ensure that your medical bills are handled well and the complete process will be done through specialists’ medical billing system.

Apart from the services mentioned above, our billing service for surgeons also come with varying features that make our service worthwhile for inpatient care. We use very cost-effective cloud-based medical software which we use for your convenience. Our billing service for specialist doctors are also designed to support consulting in session suites, we can give you advice on setting up a cost-effective practice, help you with appointment making and phone answering and more.

In addition, we can provide you with reviews of the current privacy practices of doctors and practitioners and their efficiency as well as fraud and theft. At the same time, to ensure your private practice’s quality, we can provide you with quality audits as well. All of which are designed to ensure that we can provide your patients and inpatient with the best service and that you can earn as much income for the Billing Service for Medical Practitioners you provide.

Specialists Billing Service for Medical Practitioners

Iatriki Billing service for specialists can take the hassle out of all your medical accounts, by handling all invoicing and account inquiries allowing your secretary more time to focus on patient care and the running of your private practice more efficiently. When it comes to specialists’ medical billing, know that you can rely on us to take out all the hassle which you usually have to deal.

Our staff will take care of everything you need from managing the whole specialists medical billing process focusing on submitting your bills quick and on time. We can manage your payments and reconciliation as well, making sure that your payments are deposited into your bank account without anything else for you to do. If there is money that you owed, you can trust that we will work hard in chasing your money.

As for a detailed monthly report of your bills and payments, we provide you that as well which allow you to know that your claims are truly progressing. All our services are designed to help you have more time to spend with your patients and not in chasing up bills instead. Rest assured that when it comes to our services, it’s quick, easy and efficient just as we promised you.

Our goal has always been quick service and so when it comes to billing service, you can get paid in as quickly as possible. Of course, we will review every billing detail that you send to us so that there is not a single detail or information being missed. With our thorough service and specialist doctors, physicians and surgeons we can reduce the risk of you getting rejected from Medicare or any other health funds because of a detail easily overlooked.

This way, you will not have to worry about delays and the incorrect information which are two of the common causes of delays during process of billing services. Through a very simple and straightforward billing process, you can take advantage of a number of benefits from quick processing to faster payments. That’s all you can expect from our dedicated service.

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What Our Clients Think

Extremely professional and helpful. They are professionals and have greatly assisted me with my billings. They always provide prompt and accurate reporting and payment. Going to recommend them to others for sure.

Ethan Thompson

I have been using their services since two years now and I have never had a single complaint from any of my patients about the service. Fast, efficient and reliable.

Lachlan Smith

I had always been looking for a hassle free medical billing service and I have finally found the one. They have been easy to liaise with and now they always keep me updated about my billing invoices. No more stress, phew.

Ruby Harris