How Does It Work?

  • Complete and submit our registration form
  • We will register you with Medicare and the Private Health Funds
  • Now you are registered and Iatriki Billing is ready to bill on your behalf
  • At this point onward all you need to provide us is patient billing information in regular manner by fax or email
  • At the end of every month we will provide you with a detailed monthly billing report.
You can now relax. We can handle your billing and do follow ups with your self-funded patients. Patients can contact us during business hours for any enquiries. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

Why Should You Consider Outsourced Medical Billing? is here to provide help to medical providers and clinics to enhance their financial billing performance. We are providing the best tools to use and the insights to attain the objectives of your business. Our company is geared to do this – to help you make your business grow. When you consider outsourced medical billing, here are some things that you can expect to get:

  • There will be a sudden increase in your cash flow.
  • You will be able to save more cash on the expensive cost of medical equipment and software while rapidly evolving technology is translating into additional expenditures.
  • Lessen staff size as well as the employee expenditures.
  • Eliminate vacation pay, sick pay, insurance benefits and workers compensation.
  • Eliminate the training costs.
  • Decreased call volume.
  • You and your staff would be able to concentrate more on the patient care aspect instead of the medical billing requirements.
  • No cash flow interruptions that is because of staff turnover
  • Lessen the costs and expenses.
  • Remove the non-medical commercial office space.
  • Reduced space needed for the storage of medical records.
  • Be able to gain detailed reports.
  • Eliminate patient or provider payment discussion.

Here at, our focus is to help you in getting paid faster. As we know, the struggle between the providers and the payers when it comes to insurance compensation pursues to escalate while the payers are applying more resources towards lessening their reimbursements. The medical insurers do benefit from failing to pay you promptly. It is the way they are managing their cash flow. Miscoding or errors result to rejected claims or delayed payments. Our medical billing process will guarantee accuracy and insurance payment. Rest assured that our team will be doing the job right from the beginning until it gets done. Our collection system do includes effective and aggressive appeal for denied claims. It will not just increase cash flow yet it will allow the insurance industry to know that your facility is not willing to admit denials. We make use of our vast experience in the industry of outsourced medical billing in order to implement strategies which will lessen denials. Whilst appealing denials is a part of the process, we actually aid to solve denial issues instead of simply addressing them. We are also dedicated to eliminate hassles and expenses. You will not have to hire a staff that will be paid as a full time employee who will be responsible for your medical billing requirements. Unlike that, outsourcing medical billing spares you to a lot of responsibilities and expenses, such as:

  • Worker’s compensation
  • Healthcare insurance.
  • FICA
  • Sick and vacation leave.
  • Raises, bonus, and gifts.
  • Clearinghouse charges
  • Computer hardware purchase and maintenance
  • Postage
  • Office space lease
  • Training cost

So can you imagine how much you will be able to save when you choose to work with an outsourced medical billing company like Rest assured that you will love your experience in working with us and we will make it more possible for you to experience further benefits of outsourcing medical billing aside from all of these.

What Our Clients Think

Extremely professional and helpful. They are professionals and have greatly assisted me with my billings. They always provide prompt and accurate reporting and payment. Going to recommend them to others for sure.

Ethan Thompson

I have been using their services since two years now and I have never had a single complaint from any of my patients about the service. Fast, efficient and reliable.

Lachlan Smith

I had always been looking for a hassle free medical billing service and I have finally found the one. They have been easy to liaise with and now they always keep me updated about my billing invoices. No more stress, phew.

Ruby Harris